The roots of political campaign signs trace back to ancient civilizations where symbols, slogans, and visual imagery played crucial roles in conveying political messages. In ancient Rome, politicians utilized symbols and slogans painted on walls or carried by supporters to garner support for their candidacies. These early forms of political communication laid the foundation for the use of visual messaging in political campaigns.
The 19th century witnessed a significant shift in political campaigning with the rise of printed materials such as posters and handbills. Candidates in the United States, Europe, and beyond began utilizing printed materials to disseminate their platforms, caricature opponents, and mobilize voters. Abraham Lincoln's presidential campaigns are notable for their innovative use of campaign materials, which contributed to the popularization of printed signage in American politics. 
The 20th century marked a revolution in political communication with the advent of mass media and advertising. Political parties and candidates increasingly relied on visual imagery and slogans to capture the attention of voters and shape public opinion. Campaign signs became ubiquitous during election seasons, adorning streets, yards, and public spaces with colorful displays of political affiliation and messaging.
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